About Robert O'Brien

Robert would describe himself as a reluctantly optimistic seeker. Growing up in Ireland with a stutter and being a closeted homosexual, life became a futile mission of trying to be fixed. This led him to therapy, Toastmasters and eventually acting school in Vancouver.

Just One More Drive is his second published work of non-fiction and it is a brutally honest account of the bond he formed with a BMW race car and how this vehicle saved his life and inspired him to share his story to inspire others through dark humour and honesty.

Robert now is building his media profile through giving speeches and workshops. This year he has had the privilege of giving workshops with the National Stuttering Association and the Canadian Stuttering Association. His message is centred around the power of communication and vulnerability as an access to freedom. Discovering the hard way that there is nothing to fix allows us all to just be ourselves because at the end of the day, that is enough.