An Evening with Robert O’Brien.

Stuttering Awareness Mental Wellbeing Ireland is a campaign in Ireland to promote awareness around the issues of stuttering and mental health. It is fronted by three men; Michael O'Shea, Jamie Googan and Michael C. Ryan. For me, I am thrilled to be asked to take part in it as it allows me to contribute to a worthy campaign and re-connect with the stuttering community back home.

Additionally, my introduction is rather glowing.

As part of our ongoing Thursday evening "An Evening With" zoom sessions, we are delighted to present "An Evening With" Robert O Brien. Robert is a person who is challenged by Stuttering and is the author of "Just One More Drive" he is also an experienced mentor and advocates for the stuttering community from where he now resides in Vancouver Canada. Robert is a teacher by profession and is also actively involved in acting which he puts to good use by running acting workshops for people who are challenged by Stuttering. A man of immense talent and experience in other areas of verbal communication he is much sought after as a host and event facilitator, he is looking forward to sharing with us all his journey to date out of the mindset and mentality of Stuttering.

All are welcome to attend this Thursday evening the 11th of November from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. local Irish time and 11:30am to 12:30pm PST Vancouver time.

The Zoom details are ID. 704 682 8814.
Passcode: Fpzd2f

To find out more about this campaign check out the "Stuttering Awareness Mental Wellbeing Ireland" Facebook page.

Michael O'Shea, Jamie Googan and Michael C. Ryan