“An Evening With” – Stuttering Awareness and Mental Well-being Ireland

I am excited and honoured to be invited to take part in Stuttering Awareness and Mental Well-being Ireland’s ongoing “An Evening With” series. I will have the opportunity to share my insights about stuttering with two other authors who wrote their own memoirs on the same topic. See the event summary below along with information to attend.

Tomorrow the 20th of July at 7.00.pm we continue our platform of verbal opportunity as we present “An Evening With” Mr Robert O Brien, Mr Darren Benham, Mr Michael O Shea, and our host for the evening Ms Mary Moorehead. The evening will be unique, we will be in the company of four people with verbal differences they all “Stutter” Three of them are authors of books on their own lives and experiences of Stuttering, three different reasons, three different perspectives, three different experiences of putting pen to paper and publish. Mary, our host for the evening is now an accomplished presenter, interviewer and supporter of the Stuttering Community, Robert is the author of “One More Drive” Darren is the author of “Stammer” Michael is the author of “Why I Called My Sister Harry” This is a unique opportunity to connect and learn as they share what they did, why they did it, what they learned along the way, why they are willing to share their generous time and experiences with us.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, Darren Benham is unable to attend tonight and another author, Mary Wood will be in attendance. 

The Zoom Details are Meeting I.D. 704 682 8814. Passcode: Fpzd2f. More information on all the author’s books is readily available on many social media platforms.”People Who Sutter, Helping And Supporting Each Other, About As Good As It Gets”