My VoiceStory “Vulnerability” Speech: LIVE

The opportunity to give a speech and become a VoiceStory speaker was too good an offer to refuse when the phone rang in January 2019. I decided to speak in June as the topic was "vulnerability". I've done a lot of reading on the topic, mostly Brene Brown's growing catalogue of books and considered myself informed on the subject. When it came time to put pen to paper I found I was totally blocked. This went on for weeks, so much so that I very nearly cancelled the whole thing. When I did pick up the phone and talked to VoiceStory's Winston Yeung, he asked me a very simple question: "What does your soul want to say?" I had spent so many years looking to "fix" my stutter and be "normal" that my soul was mute with its answer.

Eventually the speech took form and I had to dig deep to see that many of the things I told myself in my youth were wrong. Shock horror, I know. But by sticking with it, I learnt that the power of vulnerability for me was connection, forgiveness and most of all being willing to let it all go. That was the real realization. Letting go is difficult and painful and involves a degree of grieving. Beyond it all is empty space, and that is space to create life newly and continuously. It is a second chance, or third chance or however many chances you need to be happy.

I don't know about you, but I find the idea that it is never too late rather comforting.

Enjoy the speech. The link is below:


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