Stuttering Awareness Mental Wellbeing Ireland is a campaign in Ireland to promote awareness around the issues of stuttering and mental
I had a wonderfully busy International Stuttering Awareness Day 2021. In the morning, I joined fellow authors from the McGuire
Today marks the Irish, UK and European launch of Just One More Drive: The true story of a stuttering homosexual
I was fortunate to become involved with the "Unblockables"in early 2021 when Wendy Duke, the clinical director of Columbia Speech
I am extremely excited to announce that my publisher, Tidewater Press has secured distribution rights with CBL Distribution. That means
My publisher, Tidewater Press is taking part in the British Columbia Library Association's virtual conference this year between May 3rd
February 24th is Pink Shirt Day and I wanted to make a video to show my support for this important
To mark International Stuttering Awareness Day 2020, I decided to create a short video exploring my relationship with my stutter.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on 'vulnerability' with the Canadian Stuttering Association. It was a
Just One More Drive
I'll be in Toronto on the 19th of October 2019 giving a workshop as part of the Canadian Stuttering Association's