Reluctantly Human Episode 1: Finding joy in the little things.

A new month and a new type of blog. As much as I love cars, I have been feeling like it is time for a change and to do something new.

To that end, this month I am launching a new video series called "Reluctantly Human". Given my focus on life's journey, mental health and the core idea that there is nothing to fix, I wanted to create something that helps inspire people and gives practical suggestions for living a better life.

The first episode deals with finding joy in the little things and embracing mindfulness. This is something I have always struggled with as I assumed the little things were trivial and unimportant. I was wrong and discovered this by asking for a glass of milk. I share the simple exercise I do every day to train myself to see the little things as this helps me stay positive when life gets difficult.

You can view the full video below: