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I sit here writing this blog in Dublin as an unexpected family situation summoned me home. As a result, Dorrit
This month I did something stupid that I have never done before. I locked myself out of Dorrit on my
Vancouver weather is similar to Ireland’s in that it is usually wet as the city is located in a natural
Being a podcast guest is always exciting and slightly daunting, because every one is its own beast. The tone, content
Inspiration is a funny thing in that it can come from the most unexpected places. During my trip home to
After a week with Sparky the all-electric Kona, I found myself jumping between two of my father’s cars. One was
At the beginning of June, I was concerned about Dorrit. For the last six months, I knew I was going
Mere weeks after getting Dorrit back on the road, she was due for her first service under my ownership. It
NOTE: This blog entry is a direct continuation from last month's 'Dead Stop Dorrit' When I think of the term
A few months ago, I was asked to write a piece on bullying to mark Pink Shirt Day. I did