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NOTE: This blog entry is a direct continuation from last month's 'Dead Stop Dorrit' When I think of the term
A few months ago, I was asked to write a piece on bullying to mark Pink Shirt Day. I did
A drive out to Langley was the longest trip Dorrit and I would undertake so far. Trips on motorways are
As I loaded the fourth kitchen cabinet into Dorrit’s trunk I couldn’t help but be surprised by the sheer size
Perspective is a funny thing. I have spent the last 11 years travelling around Vancouver via the Skytrain and bus.
Blog 1: Hello Dorrit It is a funny thing. I have lived in Vancouver for nearly eleven years and got
Thursday, October 17th: It has been nearly a week since I got back from Toronto after giving my Canadian Association
The opportunity to give a speech and become a VoiceStory speaker was too good an offer to refuse when the
This time last week I was on a plane flying home to Vancouver from The National Stuttering Association's annual conference
I don't know how many hours sleep I got on Saturday night last week. My parents had arrived into Vancouver the