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A drive out to Langley was the longest trip Dorrit and I would undertake so far. Trips on motorways are
As I loaded the fourth kitchen cabinet into Dorrit’s trunk I couldn’t help but be surprised by the sheer size
Perspective is a funny thing. I have spent the last 11 years travelling around Vancouver via the Skytrain and bus.
Blog 1: Hello Dorrit It is a funny thing. I have lived in Vancouver for nearly eleven years and got
Thursday, October 17th: It has been nearly a week since I got back from Toronto after giving my Canadian Association
The opportunity to give a speech and become a VoiceStory speaker was too good an offer to refuse when the
This time last week I was on a plane flying home to Vancouver from The National Stuttering Association's annual conference
I don't know how many hours sleep I got on Saturday night last week. My parents had arrived into Vancouver the
Welcome to the second part of my blog all about the cover design for my new book. We left off