The Unblockables at the Canadian Stuttering Association Conference this weekend.

The annual Canadian Stuttering Association's conference is taking place this weekend from the 12-14th of November and the Unblockables will be presenting a workshop called the "Laughter Lab" on Sunday afternoon between 2:45-3:45 EST (11:45-12:45 PST).

In case you do not know, the Unblockables consists of myself along with Wendy Duke and Dan Dumsha. Duke is the director of Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. and has decades of experience as a speech pathologist under her belt. Dumsha is the director of Improv and Wellness at Tightrope Theatre here in downtown Vancouver. Together we have created and facilitated a course to teach improv skills to people who stutter, which we call "The Unblockables".

This weekend we have the honour of presenting a workshop called "The Laughter Lab" that will provide a sample of what we have to offer. We will teach the importance of presence along with laughter and celebrating mistakes. It will be a lot of fun and offer an opportunity for people who stutter to let go and embrace their speaking personalities. 

For more information on the CSA conference, including schedule and registration you can check out their website at:

For more information about the Unblockables, including upcoming courses in 2022 check out the Tightrope Theatre website