The UnBlockables


The UnBlockables is an innovative course that brings improv skills to people who stutter. It is a collaborative effort between Improve for Work and Wellness and Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. This is a project I have been involved in since its inception in March 2021. The course has grown over the years and last year we received funding from VanCity, a local bank in Vancouver that has helped us expand even further. It is delivered via Zoom, so anyone around the world can register and take part.

The UnBlockables is lead by Dan Dumsha, the Director of Improv for Work and Wellness. Dan is an experienced consultant and improviser with a background in education. Joining him is Wendy Duke, the Director of Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Wendy is a speech pathologist with decades of experience treating people who stutter. Finally, I round out this trio of instructors. I bring my lived experience as a person who stutters along with my acting and performance background to the mix.

By focusing on presence & saying yes, cultivating laughter, and celebrating mistakes, we teach and play improv games to support participants to speak with confidence and find their voices. This course is not a cure for stuttering, rather another way to approach forming a healthy relationship to your speech through fun and laughter.


For further information about the UnBlockables, the instructors and upcoming courses please consult the Improv for Work and Wellness website: