U-Turn Talks: Your Life, Your Choices.

The Inspiration:

I decided to create U-Turn Talks to help me get my message out into the world. As a person who stutters, I spent many years dreaming of being fluent and fixe, and I believed that my life would finally begin when that happened. I worked hard, sacrificed time after time, until I realized that my life was about my choices, the choices I made when I saw myself as a victim or a survivor. Learning to transform my mindset is an ongoing process and I am committed to sharing it all in the hopes of helping others.


The Topics:

I use my book Just One More Drive: The true story of a stuttering homosexual and his race car as a jumping off point for talking topics. These topics are relevant in my story and life and I base my talks on my own experiences. They include the following:

      • Stuttering: Physical and mental aspects, ownership, disclosure, tools and support structures.
      • Bullying: Primarily in school settings, examing the physical and emotional aspects, tools and support structures.
      • Sexuality: Defining and exploring sexuality, coming out, LGBTQ challenges, being responsible and letting go.
      • Depression & Suicide: Victim and survivor mentality, support and communication, self-care and coping tools.

Note: These topics can be tailored to specific audiences.


Further Information:

More information about participant benefits, rates and workshop breakdown can be found by clicking on the downloadable information pack below.




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