This is the final episode in this video series of "Reluctantly Human". I talk about the idea of faith. I
This episode explores the idea of deserving and knowing your own worth. I discuss bullying, specifically the outcomes of bullying
Episode 3 of "Reluctantly Human" looks at the idea of learning to listen to your inner voice. I was inspired by Jordan
In this second episode of "Reluctantly Human" I look at suffering and resilience in our lives and examine good and
A new month and a new type of blog. As much as I love cars, I have been feeling like
Last weekend I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on 'vulnerability' with the Canadian Stuttering Association. It was a
Here is a short video to mark International Stammering Awareness Day 2018. What I think is important and why we
This is a recording of the live launch of Just One More Drive on the 29th of October 2017 in