VoiceStory – ‘The Pitfalls of Perseverance’ speech now live

My speech titled ‘The Pitfalls of Perseverance’ is now live on the VoiceStory YouTube channel. A huge thank you to Winston Yeung and all of the VoiceStory team for this opportunity to speak and share my perspective.

This speech was a challenge to write because I have struggled with the idea of perseverance over the years. My father taught me the importance of working hard and persevering when things got difficult from an early age. I tried to follow his example, but struggled to fit in and find my niche as I navigated having a stutter and being gay. I chased fluency and later tried my hand at acting and writing, consistently working harder and harder waiting for ‘something’ to happen. But I never knew what that ‘something’ was. As a result, I have fallen into various pitfalls that I felt needed to be highlighted to give a balanced account of what perseverance truly is, and to allow all of us to succeed and achieve our goals.